Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What, Why, & How to Podcast


Video: Podcasting in Plain English

See Google and Wikipedia's definition


-Podcasting supports the Long Tail phenomenon like blogging

-You can subscribe to audio on the go.

-iTunes U = Free college lectures with out the HW, papers, and exams

-You can broadcast your own radio talk show, music, interviews, speeches, or presentations.


To listen= You will need a podcatcher see a list of my favorites or you can use the easiest and most popular one- by downloading iTunes for free (you don't need to listen to podcasts on an ipod you can listen to them on your computer

To create a podcast= See these collections of Free Podcasting Webware Tools and Free Podcast Software Tools and Getting Started with Audacity

See Our 5th Grade Podcast for an example.

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