Thursday, March 25, 2010

Podcatcher Tools

My favorites (in order)

1) Google Reader (Yes you can subscribe, organize, watch, and/or listen to your podcasts in Google Reader! I just discovered and it is way better than iTunes, watch out Apple)
2) Netvibes (Also webware)
3) iTunes (Good for finding podcasts but you need to download software and can't organize)
4) Juice (Freeware)

See also Wikipedia list (and definition) of Podcatchers

How Podcatchers Work

Getting Started with Audacity

What is Audacity?

To download Audacity

Useful Screencasts:

How to use Audacity - Free Recording Software

How To Use Audacity- Basics
(how to compress, amplify, and download lame mp3 recorder so you can export as MP3)

How-to split audio files

Favorite effects to use:
1) compression
2) noise removial
3) amplify (if needed)