Friday, December 11, 2009

Googlios: Next Generation E-Portfolios at the University of Notre Dame

This slidecast (PowerPoint + audio narration podcast) was a presentation to the Dean and the Advisors at the University of Notre Dame College of First Year of Studies by G. Alex Ambrose, Academic Advisor.

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Best way to view a slidecast: Hit the center play button to listen to the slide narration or use the side arrows to skip through slide by slide.  You can hit the full screen button on the right side or watch slidecast in one window and open up another resized window to explore the links while listening.

Below are the presentation notes and annotated bibliography of the links and resources listed in order in which they were mentioned:

Presenter Bio & Googlio

Main Website
Full of Resources

What Why & How to Creative Commons

Digital Natives & Immigrants

The Inter/National Coaliton for Electronic Portfolio Research (CEPR)

Right vs. Left Brain Hemispheres

Set up your free website in 5 minutes see "Google Sites: The Easiest Way to Start a Free Web Page"

GooglioGetting Started

Penn State E-Portfolio Program
Good intro videos

Connectivism Learning Theory

What is a PLE?

ND Biz Student Googlio Expl
Resume Organization
ND Eng Student Googlio Expl
Google Doc project paper

ND Female Eng Student Googlio Expl
Standards Organization for Table of Contents
University Minnesota E-Portfolio Program
Dr. Helen Barrett

University of Denver
Have featured public portfolios
Virgina Tech E-Portfolio Program
See galleries, have examples of eP for learning, assessment, and professional development

Florida State E-Portfolio Program
Career Focused

Univ of Illinois E-Portfolio Program

IUPUI E-Portfolio Program
Institutional E-Portfolio Expl

ND Student Googlio Expl
Sophmore Reflections & Courses Taken
Seton Hall First Year of Studies E-Portfolio Program
Da Bono 6 Thinking Hats

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