Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Googlios: Google Sites + ePortfolios = 21st Century Teaching and Learning

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This 20 minute video was produced for the 4th Annual Inter/National Virtual (Synchronous /Asynchronous) K-12 Online Conference.

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As blogs, wikis, and podcasts have become more mainstream, it is important that educators step back to see how we, as professionals, are best using these tools to serve our student's learning needs. If these modern technologies are going to be sustained in contemporary pedagogy, it is time that we "kick it up a notch" and be able to tie these tools to a higher theme and to learning theories. In other words, rather than using technology for technology's sake, we need to be supported by a new 21st-century foundation of learning theory. Through a screencast, webcam, and Power Point video, this presentation will offer a model on how one educator has come to understand and organize these tools to support a 21st-century constructivist and connectivist approach to "bridge the divide" in educating our digital natives. Using Google Sites as a main hub, this presentation will show how students can mash together and showcase a variety of other free Google services to organize their own Personal Learning Environments (PLEs) and "build bridges" to form their Personal Learning Networks (PLNs). This presentation will shed light on a model that shows a relationship between emerging tools and learning theories, and between PLEs, PLNs, and ePortfolios.

3 Essential Questions:
1) What hasn't been working with our current approach to Web2.0 integration in education?
2) How could refocusing our education technology on student-centered assessment change our paradigm?
3) How are you using e-portfolios and Google Sites in your classrooms? Best practices, examples?

Let's continue the discussion asynchronously, you can: 
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Best way to view this video:  You can hit the full screen button on the right side or watch the video in one window and open up another resized window to explore the links while listening.

Below are the presentation notes and annotated bibliography of the links and resources listed in order in which they were mentioned:

Presenter Bio & Googlio

Main Website: Full of Resources

What Why & How to Creative Commons

Digital Natives & Immigrants

The World is Flat - Book Summary & Resources

Right vs. Left Brain Hemispheres

Set up your free website in 5 minutes see "Google Sites: The Easiest Way to Start a Free Web Page"

Googlio Getting Started

Connectivism Learning Theory

What is a PLE?

University Minnesota E-Portfolio Program

Dr. Helen Barrett

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