Friday, February 1, 2008

How I Ran a Blog Training Workshop

First I shared my blog with some teachers at my school to create a little buzz. Then I invited 3 teacher leaders that I new have the basic tech skills down that would be interested in and willing to give blogs and try to a voluntary 40 minute blog PD before school. I thought it went pretty smooth all of them got their blog up and running by the end of the 40 minutes. Here is how I ran the session:

Google’s Blogger Training: How to Set Up Your Blog

1) show them my blogging resources on my blog, so they don’t have to take notes and they can find more info later.

2) Familiarize the structure of blogs using my class blog
-Reverse chronology

3) How to navigate through blogs
-Find a post through the archives
-Find a post through labels

4) Internet Safety & Digital Citizenship
-Share my blog contract

5) Set up a blogger acnt
-Need a google acnt

6) Name your blog and choose an address
-make it kid friendly: easy to remember and spell

7) Choose a background

8 ) Go through settings
*Must change commend moderation ON
*Put an email address to receive comments to moderate

9) Show dashboard navigation

10) Create a new post

11) Show WYSWYG editor
-Compose vs Html mode

12) How to add an image
-from computer
-from web

13) How to embed a youtube video

14) How to hyperlink

15) Adding labels

16) Customizing the layout
-add page elements (labels, link list)

Then I followed up with a support email giving them the link to my post What, How, and Why Blog.

Next time make a handout for them with the agenda and some links so they can take notes and have something to remind them of their blog later.

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