Thursday, October 25, 2007

Edvibes Pulse Launches

The Edvibes Pulse is where we track the pulse of 21st century education, web2.0, and open source current trends and technologies.

There are 9 tabs across the top that feature:

Pulse tab: Overall lists of the hottest blogs, links, and videos from the web’s most innovative thinkers

News tab: Puts together the nation’s major newspapers education sections

Videos tab: Lists Most Discussed and highest rated education videos that you can watch through this site, no downloads required

Podcasts: A collection of the biggest podcasters that you can listen to through this site, no downloads or ipods required, just click on the ipod icon next to the link.

Bookmarks tab: Here you will find some of the biggest names in the edublogsphere and what they are digging up and saving on their online bookmarks.

Blogs: A list of some featured edublogs

Networks: What’s going on in some of the biggest education networks on the web

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